Our wash bay is 33’ wide and 175’ long allowing us to accommodate the largest of truck/trailer combinations as well as all sorts of heavy equipment.

With two 10 ton overhead cranes that run the full length we have a lifting capacity of 20 tons as well as vehicle lifts that can raise anything from a pickup truck to a large semi in order to wash the underside.This has proven to aid in better inspections and quicker repair times because units are not packed with mud.

4 large fire hoses and two complete hotsy units allow us to complete the harshest wash jobs in a fraction of the time it most wash bays.  Additional in-floor heating and radiant heating thaw frozen units that roll in looking like massive snow balls very fast compared to most wash bays.

We also offer a complete line of detailing services which includes everything from a light rinse to a full on interior/exterior detail including aluminum polishing, steam cleaning, acid washing and HD degreasing.

2 full time wash bay attendants assure units get in and out quickly.

The wash bay is open from 6-9 weekly and from 8-4:30 on Sat.