“Safety Taken Seriously”

Triple Random was founded in 2006 by a group of business partners with a vision of establishing a diversified specialized transport organization, based on customer service and integrity.  The company caters to the needs and requirements of the heavy industrial construction, resource, manufacturing, up-stream and mid-stream sectors of the oil and gas industries.

As a Means of realizing this vision, in 2006 the company acquired a small regional heavy-haul transport company with branches in Nisku and Fort McMurray.  In the ensuing years, due to the internal growth and acquisition of another transport company, Triple Random’s fleet and service capability expanded to include over 200 pieces of transport, construction and material handling equipment.  The geographic range of services has also been further expanded to the point that, as a bonded highway carrier, the company extends services to customers anywhere in Canada as well as to and from the United States.

The Heavy Industrial Transport operation in Fort McMurray, due to its proximity to the oilsands, has grown to become a key component of Triple Random’s business.  To better service customer needs in the heavy oil and mining industries, in 2009, the company brought into service its first 135-ton off-road heavy equipment hauler to transport on-site mine trucks and components, large dozers and other miscellaneous pieces of equipment.

To further its position as a specialized transport provider, in 2012 the company added a number of multi-wheeled trailers to its fleet, including specialized 9-, 10-, and 13 axel units, as well as 48-wheel and 92-wheeel combination trailers.

In 2014 Triple Random outgrew its locations and built two new sites to accommodate its growing fleet and to better services the fleet, in order to improve the services available to customers.

Triple random is proud to be part of Alberta’s Energy Solution.